Is Air-conditioning Necessary

Is air-conditioning necessary in Singapore? For a long term answer, air con is a necessary for most household and offices in Singapore. This is because of the hot weather that we face daily in Singapore. At average, the weather is about 31 to 32 degrees Celsius on a hot day. Therefore, taking air-conditioner out of the equation will definitely be an issue to most of us.

Well it might defer for some minority population here, it definitely would cause some issues during the hottest summer. Without the use of aircon, we will be suffering from overheating issues for our body which might affect our daily lifestyle. Sometimes where the heat is unbearable in the night, it might also affect your sleep which will lead to a bad work day.

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We are trying to be realistic here for most Singaporeans as we grow up in a comfortable environment. It is hard for us to endure the lifestyle without a cooling place to work or rest in. Even for cars in Singapore, there are almost no vehicle without airconditioner as driving under the hot sun is challenging.

An air con is an inexpensive investment compared to other household appliances. In fact, there are some portable air-conditioning system now which are costing less than S$800 in the market. If you do your math it cost almost lesser than a dollar for you to enjoy cool and fresh air. Therefore, to us it is definitely a great investment for your money.